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Декабрь 12, 2007

Revolution in philosophy

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Revolution in philosophy

Epilogue of the editor-in-chief

In leaving already in history 2006 the international work «About a know-how of the concept of G.A. Yugaj about sources of the Korean civilization » was published in Moscow. He is designated as first of a series «Eurasian (Russian and central-Asian) sources of a world civilization » with signature stamps of Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Science and the Tashkent state institute of oriental studies. By lips of V.V. Tyan our person whose jubilee is celebrated, is presented of the composer and the editor-in-chief of the first release, the doctor of historical sciences as the outstanding personality and the ingenious scientist. I, as the nearest colleague and the friend very closely cooperating with the person of jubilee within many decades, shall dare to agree not absolutely with such estimation and to express more objective, in my opinion, and more modest relation to G.A. Yugaj. Somehow V.I. Lenin has characterized L. Feuerbach that he is bright, but not deep. Restructuring this idea, it is possible to tell, that G.A. Yugaj is not bright, but deep.

Depth of a philosophical idea of G.A. Yugaj as the scientist was showed in the contents of the given work, devoted to opening of a philosophical code of the Universe by him - unities of matter and spirit, identity and distinction of life and thinking. As any discovery, especially large this opening is based on achievements of predecessors, as speak, grows on their shoulders. As direct sources of a discovery of G.A. Yugaj of a philosophical code of the Universe the best traditions of materialism and idealism of western, east and Russian metaphysics, and also natural-science achievements of the theory of global evolutionism have served last third XX on holography of the Universe. As to traditions of metaphysics they can be presented in general as the Eurasian metaphysics of theosophy on behalf of E.P. Blavatskaya, Rudolf Steiner, V.S. Solovyev, Eurasians followers, married couple of N. and E. Roerich, etc. This metaphysics was, first of all, philosophical expression of the limiting basis of life - Installed as the whole a matter and spirit, and also the most universal and its generalized understanding on the basis of convergence and unity of materialism and idealism. As a kernel of such understanding of a philosophical code of the Universe the unity or identity and distinction of a matter and spirit, life and thinking has served.

One of E. Roerich followers, A. Klizovsky has expressed this idea as follows: « Each form of the shown Life is dual and consists of spirit and a matter. On the basis of this primary duality the Universe and everything is formed, that exists in it{her}. The life of each life as indispensable condition demands connection of a matter and spirit. Both the spirit, and  matter, separately taken, do not give the phenomenon of a life. The life is possible only owing to connection of these two immemorial Beginnings: Spirit and the Matter, positive and negative, man's and female. The matter of the physical plan is so dense, that a life is consisting, not to be visible to us, and it is represented to us in the form of the person, animal, plants, etc., but on the supreme plans of Life the matter is so refined, that to us is visible both a life consisting it, and the form, its concluding; but in the first, and in the second case the phenomenon of a life designates connection of spirit and matter. Separation of spirit and a matter is the termination of a life, or that we name death ».

G.A. Yugaj in the work creatively develops the stated idea on unity of a matter and spirit on the basis of achievements modern scientific hylosoism and holography of the Universe and leads up from their simple and demonstrative ascertaining as facts to the formulation on their basis of the basic philosophical law of the Universe and laws derivative of it and principles. The basic philosophical law of the Universe has as the ontological status in the form of principles of convergence not so much causal, how many a is functional-information determinism, and as the logics-epistemological aspects stated in the form of organic laws of metaphysical logic, new logic not only and it is not so much dualistic, how many trialistic, at least, and consequently holographic forms of life. In such philosophical generalization probably, ingenious merit Yugaj as author of work about holography of the installed and new universal philosophy consists outstanding and.

On the importance it do not concede to opening by the Russian Perelmann of a mathematical code of the Universe (has given the proof of the Big theorem the Fermá), awarded the premium, almost equivalent Nobel. The authorship of opening of other code of the Universe - philosophical, carried out in the given work, too belongs to the Russian. Similar opening considerably expands philosophical and natural-science horizons of vision of the Universe, the Universe as complete, holographic system. It is made within the limits of the fourth scientific revolution of the nonclassical or postnonclassical period of development of the science which have begun in last third XX of a century. The philosophical component of this revolution meanwhile has very weak illumination. This blank in an essential measure is filled with the work offered to the reader, devoted to the Euroasian synthesis of philosophy of the East and the West. As Hegel spoke, the philosophy, similarly to an owl of the Minerva, leaves in twilight. It is time to be born already on light and philosophies of the next scientific revolution. I, as the editor-in-chief, can express deep moral satisfaction to that I bring also the feasible contribution to issue of the first work, the first swallow-book on the next philosophical revolution, called to radical revision of substantive provisions of two basic philosophical directions - materialism and idealism. In opinion of Yugaj, on the basis of them not so much a dialectic antagonism, how many metaphysical convergence and synthesis, arises the new universal philosophy of holographic understanding as the philosophy of the limiting, most general and universal basis of life. It is in the same time philosophy of an exit or a conclusion of a human civilization from its present deeply crisis condition which have arisen because of infringement of the basic philosophical law of the Universe - harmonies of  matter and spirit, identity of life and thinking, and also break and an antagonism of materialism and idealism, dialectics and metaphysics. Instead of four organic laws of dialectics G.A.Yugaj has found out more generalized and universal approach to the world, one basic metaphysical law of the Universe.

Let's wish the first swallow-book on revolution in philosophy of successful, perspective flight.

Chairman of the Commission on history of Ancient

And Medieval Russia culture of scientific council on world culture history

At Presidium of the Russian Academy of Science, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy, prof. V.A. Chudinov

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