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Февраль 27, 2007

Russian Texts on the Ancient Greek Vessel Drawings

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As to the rare Greek inscriptions made obviously - so it is simple giving to Slavic artifacts of east color. So to say, the Greek stylization of Slavic products, and also the explanatory of names of the Greek characters if they are not so familiar to Slavs with own mythology.

It is the same game of Slavs of the classical period of an ancient Greek history in their mythology, as well as game in XVIII century in all Western Europe when, for example, French countess Du Barry was represented by the sculptor absolutely naked - as Greek goddess Diana. The same was and in Russia when the Greek-Roman plots did not descend from the pictures of painters or from repertoire of performances of court theatres.

Thus, completely natural presence on ancient Greek images of Slavic explanatory or the whole stories and, on the contrary, fully necessity absence on them of the Greek inscriptions now is represented.

Artemide. Fragment of drawing on amphora

Fig. 7. Artemide. Fragment of drawing on amphora

Artemide. To this goddess the image on a Greek amphora is devoted of “Master Andokides”, made about 520 years BC. Now amphora is stored in the State museum of Berlin. I have put a fragment of an inscription list on fig. 7. I start reading with завитушек which the goddess holds in a hand. They are read ZHIVINA RUS (RUSSIA OF GODDNESS ZHIVA) is a name to me well familiarly. So, since a neolith, the area of so-called archeological culture Vincha (on place Винча near to Belgrade in Serbia), and later all Balkan referred to as all over again. Further I read a pattern on a head of goddess Artemide, all over again having turned colors, - words TO THE HELIX, - then in the direct image, words IS THE HEAD. On fig. 8 I have specially shown area of reading on additional lines. Then I read area of an ear; hardly more to the left of a helix is ligature which is read as ARTEMIDE (AM) I.

Rather difficult for reading there was an ornament on lobe of an ear; after several hypotheses I have stopped on reading ТИРОЛЬСЪКЪЯ (FROM TYROL) (though usually suffix is written through SЬ, instead of SЪ), that is TYROLEAN.

My reading of inscriptions on amphora

Fig. 8. My reading of inscriptions on amphora

The accordion of a hood in the bottom part (I too have taken out it on additional lines) further is read - surprising words (reading from below upwards) here follow: I (AM) LADA. Again there is an a confirmation to some opinions in literature that Artemide was an incorporation of Lada. Sticking out bones on brushes of the left hand of the goddess and a subject which she holds, at turn to the right on 900 have reading as words THE GODDESS OF LOVE (Lada was undoubtedly the goddess of love at Slavs, but Artemide those was not considered though behind her admitted ancient statute of fertility goddess). On sleeves of the same hand below is edge (I too take out it) on additional lines) which at reading forms a word QUIET. I understand this remark in the sense that “emotional” the goddess of love at Slavs was not Lada, but Lelya, about whose belt there was a speech in a previous plot; but with Lelya the Aphrodite was connected.

Thus, though here there is no picture-rune (but it is not necessary to forget, that the given fragment represents not all composition, and an inscription characterizes only one character), but quite good on extent and the contents the text nevertheless is formed: ZHIVINA RUS.- TO THE HELIX IS THE HEAD. ARTEMIDE (AM) I FROM TYROL. I (AM) LADA, THE GODDESS OF QUIET LOVE, consisting of 14 words. If I have correctly read, the text is about goddess Lada from Slavic Tyrol (nowadays it is area of Austria).

Athena. Here as object of consideration I have chosen a kilik of Durries, dated 480 year BC and nowadays kept in the Museum of an applied art of Munich on which are represented Heracles and Athena. Athena is represented worth, she pours a wine into a bowl of sitting Heracles, and the hero put on himself a lion's skin and from lion's skin his head is put out. Athena in the left hand holds a spear, and her helmet lays beside. I start reading with lion's skin of Heracles, which I unwrap on 90 degrees to the right and I turn in color. Here I read words I (AM) HERACLES OF ZEUS. Without the manipulation in color words HERCULES OF ZEUS are read. Person of Heracles, turned on 180 degrees, forms marks which can be read as a word THE GIANT. On Athena something is dressed on like a chain amour. Having turned it on 90 degrees to the right and having turned in color, it is possible to read repeating words DEVA OF RHOD. Correctness of some investigators which asserted, that ATHENA, daughter of Zeus, isTaina, here is not quite seen. And even opposite, on a tree brunch to which it was declined Athena, it is possible to read word MAYA - a known name of one of Slavic goddesses. Though the word is written very not clear, and there is very small probability of that here is written not MAYA, but TAYNA (SECRET).

Above hands at Athena are located some ornaments of a dress which I read as RUS OF SLAVS and ZHIVINA RUS. The cape above a skirt forms wrinkles which accordion may be read as word ATHENA, and on a hem of a skirt above feet at the manipulation in color the word OF RHOD is read. At last, on a shank of a plume of a helmet word RODIONOV (OF RHOD) is possible to read. It means that the helmet of Athena belongs to the Slavic god Rhod.

Heracles and Athena, a fragment of a kilik’s drawing from Durries

Fig. 9. Heracles and Athena, a fragment of a kilik’s drawing from Durries

Summarizing inscriptions, we receive such result: I (AM) HERACLES OF ZEUS, HERCULES OF ZEUS, A GIANT. ATHENA (IS) DEVA OF RHOD, MAYA. Her helmet is OF RHOD. RUS OF SLAVS. ZHIVINA RUS. There are only 16 words. Again the question is not about Hellade, but about Russia of Slavs; Greeks here - as though minor and not so significant element.

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